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We share high-quality information and stories about how to be happy and healthy. We delve into sources as diverse as eastern philosophy, natural medicine, quantum physics, and cutting-edge scientific health care. Unmani Saraswati, the Chief Happiness Mentor of Bliss Revealed, teaches the happiness skills she's mastered while also sharing her own life experiences implementing those skills in the face of life's day to day challenges. Also, she interviews other experts from a myriad of backgrounds.
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Gift To You: Transformative Guided Meditation

Happy Friday, Loved Ones!! Attached is a 30-minute guided meditation which was shared by a group who scheduled a December 2021 Solstice Worldwide Simultaneous Meditation I participated in.

Human consciousness is a force for changing the world. Joining with others in vision, the more powerful we are. Together.

May this meditation inspire you as much as it did me...may it feed your heart as much as it did mine....may is sooth your spirit as much as it did mine....may it bring you joy.

In love!! 😍

Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.

Love, Unmani

#togetherwethrive #strongmind #happyheart #blisslife #blissrevealed #meditation

Gift To You: Transformative Guided Meditation
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Music To Feed the Soul by Andy Grammer and PS22

Wanted to share a video played at the end of the UK Column News which left me in tears of joy and laughing and so grateful for the opportunity to have this beautiful light in my life this morning.

Thank you to our artists, to our children, for their open hearts and music, and to celebrating love and bravery.

Please press play and enjoy!

#togetherwethrive #happyheart #blisslife

How to Best Deal with Crisis -- SimplyUnmani

One of the things about being a Chief Happiness Mentor is the mentoring part. For me, when I made the commitment to become a mentor, I committed to dropping the curtain between the polished professional face I show in my services like the My Bliss Path™ program courses, and my personal, private Self. I made a commitment to show others how I show up in real time, in my real life.

How does someone like me, who knows exactly who they are, completely loves themselves and their life, knows exactly what their purpose is in the world, and is committed to changing the world one loving act at a time actually show up when the rubber meets the road?

Well, Loved Ones, please join me by watching this video of what I have to say about how to respond to a crisis with basic sanity when I’m in the midst of a six-hour crisis.

To give you some context: I LOVE my truck! Love it! I give my truck offerings in gratitude for taking me where I need to go and doing so with style and intense reliability. Any of my ...

The Wisdom of Questioning Everything

Hello, Loved Ones! Please join me in reflecting on one of the most important concepts to grasp and work with here in the Blissverse: Question Everything.

This is a skill! This is hard! But looked at in a certain way, it's not only something you can achieve with ease and grace in your life, it's something that will increase your capacity to enjoy life. Promise!!

Also, please read my blog post of the same title. In the blog, I write completely different stuff on the same subject. This week's blog contains helpful ways to reframe the experience of "being wrong," into an experience of the depths of wisdom available to you and the joy of learning and growing.

Blog Sharing Timeless Happiness Advice

Hey, Loved Ones,

How are you today? Are you looking good, feeling good? 😉

I've posted a blog that I thought you might like to read (2 minute read-time). It's a gentle reminder to us adults that ideas we're motivated to share with beloved children in our lives are worth reviewing from time to time.

Are your mindset and thoughts working for you?

Please take a few minutes to remember one way to think of all of this Life something to be embraced, experienced, and ENJOYED.

With love.

Thank you for reading this. Please have a beautiful day being you, with you, wherever you are, with whatever you're doing.

Love, Unmani 🤩

Such an accurate, inspiring clarion call to get into reality and soften our whole sensory existence.

Let's abandon our bubby-phones!

Let's use only soft, natural lighting after dark! Let's buy our food from local farmers (in cash!)!

Let's get rid of as many chemicals in our personal care and cleaning products!

Get all synthetic fragrance out of your life!

Start using essential oils to heal your olfactory nerves!

Let's all go to bed by 10pm!

Let's stare at fires or the moon, not brainwashing screens!

Take warm baths with magnesium!

Eat homemade food!

Hug, hug, hug as much as you can!

Listen to music which is inspiring and SING!!!!!

I love you, Loved Ones!!

Love, Unmani 😍

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My Letter to A Treasured Sibling Who Emails Me Once A Year On My Birthday

Yes! 50 years old. How lovely it is to finally be here. I am THRILLED to be at this stage of life, as I hope you are, too.

There's nothing like being happy, vibrantly healthy, and so rich with knowledge that I sometimes cry in gratitude for the good fortune of my beautiful life.

As you might imagine, I am completely gray haired at this point, but it's still just as thick and curly so my hair continues to be a beacon that people just get drawn to and now are like, "Holy shit, how old are you? Damn! That's amazing! You don't remotely look that age. What do you do?" And then I get to share (in a teeny nutshell) about my copious ancient and modern lifestyle habits for vibrant health. Hahaha! Good old [Family Last Name] gray hair, baby!!

Though, of course, being me I look in the mirror and I see tons of wrinkles, saggy flesh, and "problems to solve for." Hahahahahahahaha! I guess my inner mind still expects to my 20 year old self to be reflected back at me. What...aging! How dare the world do that to ME,...

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